Hillside Dry Stone Walling Project

We work in many different kind of landscpaes from bogland areas, to riverside gardens, moorland areas, town houses, steep sided gardens and much more. Some projects are more challenging then others, but its true to say that the more challenging the work the more rewarding the outcome. We enjoy these kind of projects. With this garden in particular alongside the hard man hours we would employ the usage of ropes and pulley systems to aid the men with the heavy work. Here are some examples of our dry stone walling plus stone and wooden steps to a current project on a beautiful house in Finsthwaite, Cumbria.

Stone walling in Cumbria
Stone walling in Cumbria 2
Stone walling in Cumbria 3
Lake District Stone Steps
Lake district outdoor steps on hillside
Lake district outdoor steps on hillside
Creating wood steps up to higher level of the garden
Landscaper at work on natural wood steps
The natural outdoor wooden steps taking shape in Finsthwaite
Curved stone wall in Cumbrian hillside garden
Cumbrian hillside garden landscaping
Cumbrian hillside garden landscaping