Lakeside House, Ambleside

This planting draws your attention, with the backdrop of pleached trees separati
Garden pond
A sculpture built within a stone wall using local elterwater slate
Pleached trees creates a screen that ends the formal lawn and creates a private
This Wildflower meadow was sown 1 year ago and is now rich with native wild flow
Traditional stone walls & slate paved patio
A stone globe sculpture standing a meter high is the amazing centerpiece in the
The stone globe sculpture is viewed from the living room & balcony with the back
Polished slate paving has been engraved with quote that the client chose.
This curved wall has been built to an exact radius so that precisely shaped pavi
Lakeside House, Ambleside
The large contemporary planters create a focal point in the paved courtyard & bl
This small patio is stylish with its curved walls creating a perfect place to re
The gravel path sweeps through the planting in a curve leading to a small patio
Lakeside House, Ambleside